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Our Mission

Therapy Center of Philadelphia (TCP) nurtures individual well-being and personal growth by providing high-quality, affordable psychotherapeutic services to women, transgender, and gender non-conforming communities.

We work from an intersectional framework that attends to aspects of social location and oppression as integral to the therapy relationship and work.

TCP strives to be racially equitable and trans-affirming in all of its services and operations through centering the following principles:

Personal Growth

Individuals have the inner resources and the capacity to grow and thrive to their full potential.


Clients are active participants in shaping their own treatment.


With a commitment to social justice, we approach therapy with the understanding that relationships, social context and oppression affect one’s sense of self and well-being.


We welcome adult women and transgender people of all races, classes, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientations.


A supportive, collaborative, and stimulating environment for our therapists underlies our ability to provide high-quality therapy services to our clients.


We utilize a sliding scale fee structure to make our services affordable to more people.


TCP is committed to being accountable to the ways in which feminism has been, and still can be, divisive within communities of color, lesbian/queer communities, and within transgender communities. We work toward offering a mental health space that strives to attend to these experiences intentionally and directly.

Holistic Approach

Psychotherapy is not a cure-all; we encourage our clients to pursue other avenues to self-realization through the arts, athletics, body work, and other modes for healing.

Featured Team Members

Ne’Sha Anthony, MS

Ne’Sha Anthony, MS

Intake Coordinator
Ne'Sha's Bio

Ne’Sha Anthony is a graduate of Chestnut Hill College’s Masters Program in Clinical Counseling Psychology, with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, LaSalle University with a Master’s Certificate in Addictions Counseling and Temple University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  She is passionate about individual, couples and family therapy. She is trained in Trauma Focused CBT, and specializes in treating people with workplace stress, workplace dynamics issues, blended family issues, navigating young adulthood, sobriety maintenance, depression, anxiety, sexuality & gender issues, parenting, and relationship issues.  Ne’Sha follows an eclectic, humanistic approach which involves meeting individuals where they are and gently coaching them into being their true selves.  Since 2005, Ne’Sha has worked in Philadelphia with a variety of agencies servicing individuals in recovery for mental health and substance abuse issues, chronically homeless individuals, survivors of domestic violence, individuals living with chronic medical conditions, children and families by providing clinical and supportive services.

Erin O’Brien, MA, LPC

Erin O’Brien, MA, LPC

Clinical Supervisor
Erin's Bio
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Marquita Bolden, LCSW

Marquita Bolden, LCSW

Executive Director
Marquita's Bio
Marquita Bolden (she/her/hers) has extensive experience in clinical training and supervision, community engagement, and program development. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice and, while in graduate school, Marquita trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) at the Penn Medicine’s Center for Cognitive Therapy. Post-graduation, Marquita honed her clinical skills at several agencies throughout Philadelphia before opening her private practice in 2013, where she offers mental health services to the Philadelphia community.

In 2017, Marquita joined the Continuing Education Committee of the Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Social Work (PSCSW). Also in 2017, Marquita completed Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Basic Training with the EMDR Institute. In 2018, Marquita completed the Advanced Training Program in Transgender Mental Health at Widener University, where she continued to develop her skills around provision of trans affirming care. As the Philadelphia Coffee & Conversations Programs Coordinator for PSCSW, Marquita organizes continuing education presentations for PSCSW members and other interested mental health professionals.

Marquita joined the Therapy Center of Philadelphia (TCP) as a Clinical Supervisor to agency staff in 2016. Marquita has held the agency’s mission of providing affirming mental health care for transgender people, gender diverse people, and women. As a supervisor, Marquita consistently advocated for TCP’s mission by centering the “Self of the Therapist” framework, intersectional feminism, and social justice informed care. She developed and advanced innovative agency policies in collaboration with the previous Executive Director, Alison Gerig, the TCP leadership team, and TCP staff. Additionally, as a result of Marquita’s coordination with graduate school liaisons and relationship building with key staff at relevant universities and colleges, TCP’s Internship program has become a highly valued, competitive training site in the Philadelphia region.
Roger Li

Roger Li

Board Fellow
Roger's Bio
Roger Li is a J.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He is a visiting board member at TCP through the Wharton Nonprofit Board Fellows program. Before law school, Roger worked as a policy analyst and project manager for the City of New York. Roger is a graduate of Columbia University, magna cum laude, with a B.A. in political science and anthropology.
Patricia Isakowitz, LCSW

Patricia Isakowitz, LCSW

Patricia's Bio

Patricia graduated with a Masters in Social Work from Temple University and is licensed to practice in the state of Pennsylvania.

Previously, at the University of Pennsylvania, Patricia was involved in researching the impact of violence in children and young adults. At the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia she was also involved in research focusing on the effects of trauma, specifically depression and ASD (Acute Stress Disorder), in children and their families.

Patricia’s approach is interactive and challenging. She provides a warm and nurturing space where you can feel safe to open up and explore the barriers that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

Patricia’s areas of expertise include trauma, depression, life transitions, and relationships issues. She is EMDR trained.

Patricia provides bi-lingual English/Spanish therapy.

Julie Spalding, MHA

Julie Spalding, MHA

Vice President
Julie's Bio
Julie is a leader in population health and value-based payments. Her experience includes standing-up clinically integrated networks and optimizing value-based payment contracts for health systems, implementing and leading CMMI’s Comprehensive Primary Care Plus at a large Blue plan, and creating a two-sided total value of care program adopted by health systems across Southeast Pennsylvania. Julie is a Director of Business Development at Lumeris, a company empowering value-based care, where she is responsible for supporting growth opportunities through strategic partnerships.
Rebecca Alvarez, LCSW, MEd

Rebecca Alvarez, LCSW, MEd

Rebecca's Bio
Rebecca is a Clinical Social Worker whose practice is informed by her social location as a queer, mixed-race ciswoman. Her goal is to build relationships that foster growth and heal trauma and harm. She received a dual degree in Social Work and the education of Human Sexuality at Widener University after attaining her BA in Museum Education at the New School University.  Her approach draws from many modalities, and most heavily from Relational Therapy. Relational psychotherapy is a meaningful and active therapy model for working with individuals who suffer with emotional, psychological, and relational distress. It is built from the belief that as people, we make meaning from our connections with our inner self, other people, and our environment and are able to use the relationship built in therapy to investigate relationships with others and the self.  Other modalities that are drawn upon may include Feminist, Psychodynamic, Transpersonal, Narrative, Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), Internal Family Systems, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Areas of expertise include working with gender, sexuality, and trauma after extensive work with gender non-conforming/transgender individuals, LGBTQ communities, those with HIV, non-traditional/kinky relationships, those engaged in sex work, and medical communities.

Guiding values for her work include:

  • Social Justice Every person has the same right to justice; the lack of this effects individual and community mental health
  • Multicultural Effective therapy integrates an expectation of and curiosity around a person’s multiple cultural influences
  • Feminist Power and privilege is shared as much as possible; you are the expert of your experience
  • Personhood Love, belonging, and worthiness are a birthright, not something to earn
  •  Trauma-Informed People who have experienced trauma have a greater need for emotional and physical safety in therapy- this is done through a number of active techniques shared when appropriate
Deidre Ashton, LCSW

Deidre Ashton, LCSW

Clinical Director
Deidre's Bio
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Our Services

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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy is a unique relationship in which you and your therapist meet one on one...

Couples Psychotherapy

When you are struggling in a relationship, often it can be helpful to talk with a therapist about where you are getting stuck...

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Group Psychotherapy

You may find that group therapy is a more effective way to feel positive changes in your life..

Internship Opportunities

Therapy Center of Philadelphia offers a robust clinical internship program to students in their final year of Masters level training...

Comprehensive Intake Process

Multi-layered process that carefully considers the needs of each individual...

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What Folks Are Saying

"TCP has been an anchor in my life. When I first came here I was unemployed and wouldn’t have been able to access counseling if not for their sliding scale. My therapist helped me overcome bad experiences that were haunting me. I now am in school, in a relationship, and trust the future. I never thought I would say that."
"Working at TCP I have been able to grow and find my voice as a therapist. It is so important to have community support in a field that can be isolating at times, and I have found this at TCP through excellent group supervision and programming for staff members. The feminist nature of the organization also makes TCP a workplace where I actually feel that my voice is heard, which is something quite unique."
“Participating in the Community Partners Program has allowed me to give back to the community and see clients that I otherwise wouldn’t. I appreciate the opportunity Therapy Center of Philadelphia has given me to work with low-income women and trans people in need.”